Pimped up lined Mare’s Leg Holster, HACS Show



Beaver News #68 – March 12, 2018

We here at Beaver Mountain Works are getting ready for the 2-Day HACS Show next weekend – will you come visit us at our booth?

Click here to see a short video from last year’s show. 

But before we pack up our goods and set up our tables at the show we wanted to share this awesome custom hand-made Mare’s Leg Holster with you. 

Our client wanted some signature 3D cartridge loops on the front of the holster as well as a Star Concho and Keeper. In addition, he wanted us to dye the holster two-tone, black and brown. Did it not turn out very classy?

You Dream It – We Make It. 

We sure loved to make this clients dream come true. 

Check out this weeks video of the two-tone, lined Mare’s Leg Holster with signature 3D cartridge loops and Concho/Keeper. 

How to adjust the Mare’s Leg Shoulder Rig



Beaver News #63 – November 20, 2017

In this short video, we explain how to adjust the Mare’s Leg Shoulder Rig. Even if you have not ordered one from us, this video will still give you an insight into how we make our products fully adjustable to your liking.

Find our first video about the Mare’s Leg Shoulder Rig here

Whether you are tall or short, heavy or skinny, left-handed or right-handed, our products adjust to your body and to your liking. Mark shows you where and how you can make your adjustments to position it on your body. 

He also talks about the quick disconnect on the belt connector and why he built it the way he did.

Once you feel you found the perfect fit you need to secure the Chicago screws with some Loctite and then periodically check them to make sure they are not backing off (which is common to happen). 

To watch the video, click on the image below.

Mare’s Leg Shoulder Rig



Beaver News #56 – July 3, 2017

You dreamed it ….. we made it. You’ve asked for it, and we deliver:

We’ve taken our normal Mare’s Leg Holster and implemented it into a shoulder rig. It comes with

  • a plain ammo plate or an ammo plate of 6 or 12 cartridge loops
  • left- or right-handed which means you can have this as a cross-draw as well.

You can adjust the harness in a way that the holster is all the way up or further down. No matter if you are a tall or a short person, you can customize the fit of your shoulder rig and holster to your liking.

This also takes the weight off the hips and puts it more on the shoulders which equalizes it out if you wear a belt with a knife on it, for example, or you are moving around a lot, you never have the gun sitting down so far.

You can have this Shoulder Rig with any of our Mare’s Leg holsters:

And last but not least, we also added (by demand) that you can switch the hammer tab from the outside to the inside, there are instructions in the video below on how to do that.

Click on the image below to watch our latest video.

Custom Project: Mare’s Leg Holster “Bear looking around a tree”



Beaver News #55 – June 19, 2017

A quick video to show you a custom Mare’s Leg Holster we just finished.

This one goes to show so nicely our motto: You dream it – we make it.

We’ve taken our basic Mare’s Leg Holster and we specialized it to our clients’ wishes and needs and look at the result, don’t you love it?

It features:

  • a Graham Howard embossing called “Bear looking around a tree”
  • a two-tone black and brown holster
  • with fancy fringe on the side
  • a cheeky tassel  hanging down
  • 3D cartridge loops
  • Leg Strap with buckle in lieu of the leg tie


Click on the image below to watch the short video.

Leg Strap with Buckle for your Mare’s Leg Holster



Beaver News #54 – June 5, 2017

We are very excited to introduce you to a new product.

Our Mare’s Leg Holster comes standard with a leg tie, and now we offer that you could order it with a Leg strap and buckle in lieu of the leg tie. 

If you already have your Mare’s Leg Holster and you would like to switch from the tie to the strap, we offer a Leg strap kit that you can install yourself. 

This product is soon available in the Online Shop, If you wanted to order it already, just send us an email and we will get your details and ship you the strap and buckle kit.

In this Video Mark explains how you can exchange your leg tie with this leg strap. Click on the video below to check it out:

Moving the leg tie on your Mare’s Leg Holster



Beaver News #52 – May 8, 2017

People have asked us “how do I move the leg ties on my Mare’s Leg Holster”? So we thought we make a short video about it since there is a little trick to it.

Don’t own a Mare’s Leg Holster yet?
Order yours here, you can choose between six different styles.

When you receive your hand-made, high-quality Mare’s Leg Holster from us, the leg ties are on the middle setting of the 5-holes, but you might need it higher or lower.

So how do you move them up or down?

This is what Mark explains in this short video. First Mark shows you how to figure out in what hole your leg ties should be and then how to move them there.

What you will need:

  • pliers
  • a basic paper clip
  • and a little bit of patience
    Watch the video below and let Mark show you how to do it:

    Mark carving the Grizz – part 2



    Beaver News #51 – April 24, 2017

    This is part 2 of our behind-the-scenes video that gives you a glimpse into how Mark carves the Grizzly that is featured on our Mare’s Leg Rig “Grizz“.

    If you missed part 1, watch it here. You’ll get to see how Mark does all the basics, the carving, the pressing and the relief and bringing the animal out by accenting the edges, like a 3D effect.

    Now in part 2 you’ll see him work on the hair. It’s a long process, as Mark mentiones, Grizzlies are quite hairy fellas :-). The longer he works on it the more you’ll see the Grizzly really coming to life, at one point it even seems to attack you through the screen….

    The next step is dying and don’t you startle at first when you see him applying the dye all over this beautiful carving? But then, all cleaned up and waxed, you’ll see how amazing it looks and at the end of the video you’ll see the hole rig all put together.

    Click ont he image below to watch this majestic animal come to life.

    Mark carving the Grizz – part 1



    Beaver News #50 – April 10, 2017

    This is a behind-the-scenes video that gives you a glimpse into how Mark carves the Grizzly that is featured on our Mare’s Leg Rig “Grizz“. It’s a two part series and this is part 1.

    We jump in right after Mark has traced the outlines onto the leather and used the swivel knife to cut the outline out. Now he shows you how he does the carving, the pressing and the relief, this is still all the basics, as you will see.

    Then he is bringing the carving out by accenting the edges, like a 3D effect. For that he uses a stamping tool, and the object is to using pressure, pushing down and smoothing it out at the same time, but the leather has to have just the right dampness for that.

    When he makes the hair, and highlights the hair, the carving is going to stand out like the animal is charging you with the hair all up in hackles.

    Every one of our carvings, even though there are similarities, is unique, just like every animal or every person is unique. There is not two that are identical.


    Molded and lined Mare’s Leg Rig


    Beaver News #37 – May 30, 2016

    In this episode, Mark introduced ‘the big brother’ of our famous Mare’s Leg Holster

    This holster comes fully lined and form fitted to the rifle. We can manufacture the following variation of the regular Mare’s Leg also in this higher end version such as:

    – border tooling only
    – with Keeper/Concho
    – Last Bullet

    We can build it as a slide-on holster that you can wear with any gun belt (i.e. our unlined Prospector Belt or our lined Drifter Belt) or with a holster backing to wear “cowboy Style” on a Buscadero belt.

    Watch the video by clicking here or on the image below.

    New Mare’s Leg in our Online-Store

    Beaver News #18 – August 17, 2015

    Mare’s Leg Holster “Last Bullet”

    As previously announced you find now yet another variation of our best selling Mare’s Leg Holster  in our Online-Store, this one is called “The last Bullet”. This makes it six variations in the Mare’s Leg Holster family and all of them you can order through our online store.

    When you check out the “Last Bullet” Mare’s Leg you will notice a cool new feature that we added to our website.

    When you hover over an image in the online store, you can now inspect in detail the quality of our products with a Zoom Magnifier !

    Try it out, it’s really cool.


    we got awesome feedback lately for our Mare’s Leg Holster, here two of them:

    Nick from Pemberton BC wrote [quote]:
    “The only thing I regret is I didn’t buy one sooner! Amazing quality fits perfect”.

    Trevor from Manitoba says [quote]:
    “I received the holster this morning and I am very pleased. The belt fits properly. Thank you.”.

    How awesome is that !  It makes our day to hear that our customers are happy with our products. Our goal is to manufacture a product that exceeds your expectation and wildest dreams AND that is also useful and practical at the same time.

    Mare’s Leg Variations

    Beaver News #16 – July 28, 2015

    Mare’s Leg Holsters with Cartridge Loops

    Have you noticed that we have added new products to our Online Store? Two of these newcomers we would like to introduce here. Both are a variations of our best selling  Mare’s Leg Holster  and both sport some cartridge loops. 

    This makes it five variations in the Mare’s Leg Holster family and all five you can order through our online store.

    • HLML       standard Mare’s Leg Holster
    • HLMLC     Mare’s Leg Hoslter with concho and keeper
    • HLMLL      Mare’s Leg Holster with cartridge loops
    • HLMLCL   Mare’s Leg Holser with cartridges and concho/keeper
    • HLMG       Mare’s Leg Holster “Grizz”

    Soon we will be introducing yet another variation, stay tuned !

    New Video in the making

    While we took a short summer break a new video is in the making and will be released in the first August Newsletter. The topic is

    Looking after your custom leather goods

    If you missed our last June video (we talked about why it’s worth it to get your holster fitted to your firearm) click here to watch it.


    Episode 10 “Glimpse into making the Mare’s Leg Rig”


    Beaver News #12 – April 27, 2015

    Episode 10 of the series “A Glimpse into making the Mare’s Leg Rig”

    “last touches and quality control”

    you see Mark putting the leg ties and hammer tab on and finishing up the holster and belt. There is a lot of TLC that goes in to everything we manufacture and before a product goes out the shop we do quality control.