Mare’s Leg Variations

Beaver News #16 – July 28, 2015

Mare’s Leg Holsters with Cartridge Loops

Have you noticed that we have added new products to our Online Store? Two of these newcomers we would like to introduce here. Both are a variations of our best selling  Mare’s Leg Holster  and both sport some cartridge loops. 

This makes it five variations in the Mare’s Leg Holster family and all five you can order through our online store.

  • HLML       standard Mare’s Leg Holster
  • HLMLC     Mare’s Leg Hoslter with concho and keeper
  • HLMLL      Mare’s Leg Holster with cartridge loops
  • HLMLCL   Mare’s Leg Holser with cartridges and concho/keeper
  • HLMG       Mare’s Leg Holster “Grizz”

Soon we will be introducing yet another variation, stay tuned !

New Video in the making

While we took a short summer break a new video is in the making and will be released in the first August Newsletter. The topic is

Looking after your custom leather goods

If you missed our last June video (we talked about why it’s worth it to get your holster fitted to your firearm) click here to watch it.


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