About us


Our goal is to manufacture a product that exceeds your expectations and wildest dreams AND that is useful and practical at the same time.

Watch our videos “In the shop with Mark” and get an exclusive glimpse into our workshop and how we manufacture the custom products you order.

About Mark

Growing up in the Yukon Territory Mark has first hand experience what works in the bush when hunting, fishing, working or camping. Having served 11 years in the US Army overseas and seen action, he knows the ins and outs of tactical, speed steel or any other shooting discipline.
While he was stationed in Germany he became a German Hunting Instructor and then the Instructor for German Hunting Instructors.

He is an active member of the

  • Swiss Canadian Mountain Range Club, Coquitlam
  • Mission Rod & Gun Club, Mission
  • Ridgedale Rod & Gun Club, Abbotsford