No-drill butt wrap with sling for lever action


Beaver News #81 - November 5, 2018

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This week’s project is a non-invasive butt wrap that we manufactured for one of our clients. If you don’t want to drill into your stock and put a stud in, this solution is for you.

We put the stud onto the butt wrap and in addition, the butt wrap is laced. We could have done it with snaps but we prefer to do something that is practical and snaps can break down in the bush, ties not so much.

Instead of initials this butt wrap, and the sling as well, feature one of our beautiful stamps, this one is a grizzly bear in silver on black.

Check out this video and start dreaming of how you could pimp up your rifle. Remember:


How to clean and condition leather goods


Beaver News #17 – August 3, 2015

New Video: “How to take care of leather goods?”

This is a question that we are asked a lot, so we decided to answer it in this weeks Beaver News and also make a video about it.

First of all: You only need to do this every once in a while ! The main purpose is to put oils onto the leather that then impregnate into the leather which will keep it nice and pliable and above all protected.

Here a short summary of what to do and what NOT to do:

Step 1
Before you use any of the products we suggest, make sure you take off all the dust and dirt. Use a small soft brush and some lukewarm water and brush off the dirt and then take a nice soft cotton cloth and wipe it dry.
DO NOT immerse the leather into the water and make it soaking wet.

Step 2
Take the product of your choice (Neatsfoot Oil, 4Way Care, Lexol or Natur Glo) and apply a moderate amount onto a soft cotton cloth and wipe down your rig or leather product.
DO NOT apply directly onto the leather

Step 3
We use some Fiebing’s Aussie Leather Conditioner  that helps protect the leather.

Step 4
When everything is dry (after about 2-3 hours) take a soft brush (or a cotton cloth) and buff it out. The heat friction will help penetrate the conditioner and help create a coating on the outside. It also give you a very nice lush color and makes your leather look really good.

Watch the video now by clicking here, or on the play button in the video below.