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Beaver News #95 - August 19, 2019

We hope you are enjoying your summer!

No video this time, instead we offer you a rare opportunity to buy a Mare's Leg Holster and/or Prospector Belt at 20% off. 

As you know, we usually don't have items in stock, everything is hand-made after you order. But sometimes people make mistakes when they make an order, they measure wrong for their belt for example.  Mistakes can happen so we make them a new item as long as they return the originally ordered one unused. 

This is how we ended up having these 5 items in stock, a Mare's Leg Holster and 4 Prospector Belts, and we decided to offer them with a 20% discount:

You can see and order all 5 items here on this page at 20% off. (The 20% off is limited to the items on that page, when an item is gone when you get to the page you would have to order a holster or belt at the regular price). 

How to clean and condition leather goods


Beaver News #17 – August 3, 2015

New Video: “How to take care of leather goods?”

This is a question that we are asked a lot, so we decided to answer it in this weeks Beaver News and also make a video about it.

First of all: You only need to do this every once in a while ! The main purpose is to put oils onto the leather that then impregnate into the leather which will keep it nice and pliable and above all protected.

Here a short summary of what to do and what NOT to do:

Step 1
Before you use any of the products we suggest, make sure you take off all the dust and dirt. Use a small soft brush and some lukewarm water and brush off the dirt and then take a nice soft cotton cloth and wipe it dry.
DO NOT immerse the leather into the water and make it soaking wet.

Step 2
Take the product of your choice (Neatsfoot Oil, 4Way Care, Lexol or Natur Glo) and apply a moderate amount onto a soft cotton cloth and wipe down your rig or leather product.
DO NOT apply directly onto the leather

Step 3
We use some Fiebing’s Aussie Leather Conditioner  that helps protect the leather.

Step 4
When everything is dry (after about 2-3 hours) take a soft brush (or a cotton cloth) and buff it out. The heat friction will help penetrate the conditioner and help create a coating on the outside. It also give you a very nice lush color and makes your leather look really good.

Watch the video now by clicking here, or on the play button in the video below.