Mare’s Leg Holster to carry on your saddle



Beaver News #73 – May 21, 2018

One of the neat things we do with the Mare’s Leg Holster is, that it’s very versatile and you can use it for different disciplines.

You’ve seen it standard coming off of your hip, off a belt, like these ones:

and you’ve seen it also as a shoulder rig unit here.

Now we have one more option for you to choose from 🙂 : 

A customer of ours wanted to use the Mare’s Leg Holster on a saddle. So we made an attachment for the holster that you can put over the horn of your western saddle, either on the left side or the right side.

In addition to this you can also get a belt loop unit, so you can take the holster off the saddle attachment and lace it onto the belt loop unit yourself. 

To watch click on the photo below. 

Checkering a Walking Cane and adding a 12 strand round plait



Beaver News #72 – May 7, 2018

This video is again a time lapse where you can watch Mark’s process of pimping out a walking cane.

The client wanted checkering, like on a rifle stock, on the lower part and some braiding on the upper part. 

You can see how Mark had to build a cradle for the cane piece to fit in, and then he had to calculate the measurements for the diamonds that the client wanted.  He then continued on to drawing the lines with a pencil before he could start cutting them out with his checkering tool. 

Parallel to it, he was working on the 12-strand braiding for the upper part of the cane. Normally the braiding is done on a rope and it will twist and turn as the rope goes, but braiding on a solid piece of wood is different. 

Inbetween Mark took the work-in-progress to the client to get his opinion and approval for the next steps. 

Check out the process and see the final product at the end of the video. To watch click on the photo below. 

Leather Cell Phone Case – custom, high-quality, with belt loops



Beaver News #71 – April 23, 2018

We all have cell phones (or smartphones) now, or have you met anybody recently, that does not have one? 

We haven’t

Who we have met are people who can’t find a cell phone case that they like or that works for them the way they want it and need it. 

Just recently we had a client who came to us so we could manufacture him a custom, high-quality, leather cell phone case. 

Mark used the opportunity to make one for himself, so now you can see two different versions of cell phone cases in this video. 

Fixing/Repairing Motorbike Saddlebags



Beaver News #70 – April 9, 2018

In this week’s video Mark shows you some really nice looking motorbike saddlebags. They are promoted and sold as leather but they are made from imitation leather. 

Our customer brought them in because the straps started to rip where they were connected to the flap.

This is what happens with imitation leather, it’s not strong enough to handle the simple movement of opening and closing the bags and the weight of the buckle. It is now like perforated paper. 

Mark replaced the straps with new ones that he made from real leather. They are doubled with motorcycle leather on the outside and a good vegetable tanned cowhide on the inside. 

These new straps have a lot of integrity and durability like this, and they got hand-stitched onto the saddlebags so the stitching does not come apart. 

You can see at the end, the new straps match the saddlebags perfectly. Check it out.

Reproduced Bayonet Frog and Scabbard



Beaver News #69 – March 26, 2018

First, Thank You to all of you who came out last weekend to visit our booth at the 2-Day HACS Show. For those of you who couldn’t make it to the show, check out two photos at the end of this newsletter to get an impression.

Now to this week’s video:

If you have a particular item that is old or very beat up and you would like to have it restored we might be able to do that for you. Not everything can be restored as you will see in this video, but if that’s the case we can reproduce it for you. 

We had a client bringing in a bayonet from 1905 with the original frog and scabbard. Unfortunately, we could not restore the original piece, the leather was very deteriorated, broke up and falling apart. But we could use the hardware from the original and reproduce a new frog and scabbard. 

You Dream It – We Make It. 
and we sure loved to make this clients dream come true. 

If you have heirlooms or collectables that you would love to display or even reuse again in reenacting just give us a shout and we let you know if we can restore or reproduce it. 

Check out this weeks video

And here as promised two photos from our booth at the 2-day HACS Show last weekend: at the 2-day HACS Show 2018. at the 2-day HACS Show 2018.

Pimped up lined Mare’s Leg Holster, HACS Show



Beaver News #68 – March 12, 2018

We here at Beaver Mountain Works are getting ready for the 2-Day HACS Show next weekend – will you come visit us at our booth?

Click here to see a short video from last year’s show. 

But before we pack up our goods and set up our tables at the show we wanted to share this awesome custom hand-made Mare’s Leg Holster with you. 

Our client wanted some signature 3D cartridge loops on the front of the holster as well as a Star Concho and Keeper. In addition, he wanted us to dye the holster two-tone, black and brown. Did it not turn out very classy?

You Dream It – We Make It. 

We sure loved to make this clients dream come true. 

Check out this weeks video of the two-tone, lined Mare’s Leg Holster with signature 3D cartridge loops and Concho/Keeper. 

Doc Holliday Style Shoulder Rig



Beaver News #67 – February 19, 2018

A client wanted to have a shoulder rig similar to the one that Doc Holliday made famous.

In Cowboy Action it’s not uncommon that we take on a persona, dress like that historic person and want to have the accessories that person had and made famous.

Who was Doc Holliday?
A dentist by trade, John Henry “Doc” Holliday (1851-1887) was a gunman and gambler and became a folk hero of the American West as the close friend of fellow gunslinger Wyatt Earp. Together they were the famous faces at the legendary battle of the West, the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

As you know, our motto is 

You Dream it – We Make it!

If you have a hero in history or a hero from a movie (like this one we did last fall), let us know, we love making your dreams come true.

So check out this weeks video of the Doc Holliday Style Shoulder Rig that Mark made for this client.

Custom Buffalo Mittens



Beaver News #66 – January 15, 2018

You Dream it – We Make it!

stays our motto for 2018 and we’ll strive to exceed your expectations with high quality, handmade leather items that become heirlooms.

This weeks video is about such a product, that we hope becomes an heirloom for its owner. It’s a pair of custom hand-made mittens from buffalo leather. This client came to us with buffalo he had and he wanted to have mittens made as a Christmas gift for his grandson.

Watch this short video to see what all is involved to make a pair of mittens. You can watch the video by clicking on the image below (make sure you watch the video all the way to the end, there is a little fun surprise for you waiting).

How to Measure for and Install Your Butt Sleeve (butt wrap)



Beaver News #64 – December 4, 2017

You can now order a butt sleeve (butt wrap) from us, even if you are not able to bring your firearm to the shop.

When you order your butt sleeve you’ll provide us with three measurements. This is all we need to produce your butt sleeve and we will ship it to you. Once you receive the butt sleeve you can install it on your favorite firearm yourself.

As Mark says: if you can hunt and shoot a gun, I’m sure you can do it.

We created two videos, the first video explains how you get the three measurements that you need to send along with your order. To watch the video, click on the image below:


The second video explains how you install the butt sleeve once you receive it from us:


Should you have any troubles to install the sleeve, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to adjust the Mare’s Leg Shoulder Rig



Beaver News #63 – November 20, 2017

In this short video, we explain how to adjust the Mare’s Leg Shoulder Rig. Even if you have not ordered one from us, this video will still give you an insight into how we make our products fully adjustable to your liking.

Find our first video about the Mare’s Leg Shoulder Rig here

Whether you are tall or short, heavy or skinny, left-handed or right-handed, our products adjust to your body and to your liking. Mark shows you where and how you can make your adjustments to position it on your body. 

He also talks about the quick disconnect on the belt connector and why he built it the way he did.

Once you feel you found the perfect fit you need to secure the Chicago screws with some Loctite and then periodically check them to make sure they are not backing off (which is common to happen). 

To watch the video, click on the image below.

How to get subdued Hardware



Beaver News #62 – October 30, 2017

Our Motto is: You dream it – We make it and we specialize in all kinds of different items. This time, one of our clients needed to have his hardware subdued. 

To subdue these snaps and quick-release snaps Mark first heated them up with a tiger torch. He then put them into a polisher to polish them up some and to take the chroming and lacquer off. After this, the hardware is ready to have the solution put on. The final step is to oil them up and then they are all ready to go. 

To watch the video, click on the image below.

A Rig Inspired by a Movie



Beaver News #61 – October 16, 2017

As you know, our Motto is: You dream it – We make it! so when a client came to us, asking for a rig similar like one he saw in a movie – well we accepted the Challenge 🙂 

The movie he was talking about is Two Mules for Sister Sara and he had his eye on the rig that Hogan, aka Clint Eastwood, is wearing. 

It’s a gun belt with a holster and the first thing you’ll notice is that part of it is rough-side out – meaning the rough side of the leather is out and not the smooth side. 

The belt is lined and stitched with a decorative stitch, we added our signature 3D cartridge loops to it and of course, the buckle can be easily exchanged with our chicago screw system. 

The holster is lined as well, molded and fitted to the gun, and the keeper is a buckle-keeper just like the one on the show. 

If you have an idea of something you want to have manufactured, or you’ve seen a photograph or movie of something that you are interested in, come talk to us. 

To watch the video, click on the image below.