Episode 9 “Glimpse into making the Mare’s Leg Rig”


Beaver News #11 – April 20, 2015

Review HACS Show April 19, 2015

Despite the fact that at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds was the BC Rod and Gun Show ‘Surrey’s biggest 3 day new and used outdoors show, we had a good turnout at the HACS Show in Chilliwack last Sunday. If you want to come visit us at our booth and touch our high quality leather products, stay tuned for the date of the next Gun Shows that we post on our website. 

Episode 9 of the series “A Glimpse into making the Mare’s Leg Rig”

You see Mark sewing  the holster and belt on the sewing machine. He explains why he still has to do some hand sewing despite the fact that he has a big heavy duty sewing machine.

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