Reproduced Bayonet Frog and Scabbard



Beaver News #69 – March 26, 2018

First, Thank You to all of you who came out last weekend to visit our booth at the 2-Day HACS Show. For those of you who couldn’t make it to the show, check out two photos at the end of this newsletter to get an impression.

Now to this week’s video:

If you have a particular item that is old or very beat up and you would like to have it restored we might be able to do that for you. Not everything can be restored as you will see in this video, but if that’s the case we can reproduce it for you. 

We had a client bringing in a bayonet from 1905 with the original frog and scabbard. Unfortunately, we could not restore the original piece, the leather was very deteriorated, broke up and falling apart. But we could use the hardware from the original and reproduce a new frog and scabbard. 

You Dream It – We Make It. 
and we sure loved to make this clients dream come true. 

If you have heirlooms or collectables that you would love to display or even reuse again in reenacting just give us a shout and we let you know if we can restore or reproduce it. 

Check out this weeks video

And here as promised two photos from our booth at the 2-day HACS Show last weekend: at the 2-day HACS Show 2018. at the 2-day HACS Show 2018.

The most important tool in the bush


Beaver News #29 – February 1, 2016

Axes, Hatchets and knives

Tools like axes, hatchets and knives take the most abuse and the last thing you want to do is have it either become dull or injure yourself or somebody in your party. That’s why you want a sheath or a cover for it. Unfortunately a lot of the sheaths and covers that come with your axe, hatchet or knife are very flimsy and are not made for the bush.

In this video Mark explains, how and why we here at Beaver Mountain Work build the sheaths for axes, hatchets, tomahawks and knives the way we do. They are all robust and high quality and they last as long as your tool will.

Hunting, Fishing and Outdoors Gear




We manufacture high-end, high-quality custom hunting, fishing and outdoors gear. We can make you anything you want – as we say,

You dream it – We make it.

Below we have listed a few of the gear that we have manufactured over the years, to answer how to keep these items clean and shape we created two videos:

How to clean and condition Leather Goods
How to clean and put away your hunting gear

Hier a few examples of products we manufactured