Tactical Knife customized



Beaver News #49 – March 27, 2017

Today we are talking about taking tactical gear, or your personal hunting gear or fishing gear, and modifying what you’ve already purchased. 

There is a lot of good high-quality gear out there but it still may not suit your needs 100%. So one of our specialties is that we make modifications and upgrades to your gear, just like our motto says:

You dream it  – we make it!

In the video below we show you an example:
One of our clients bought a Blackhawk Knife that he wants to use in a tactical way. We went ahead and wrapped the handle with rawhide. We double wrapped it meaning, first we wrapped it one way and then we wrapped it a second time crisscrossed. We also died the raw hide a nice rich brown.

This is just one example of how we can customize or upgrade your existing gear. Come talk with us about your ideas, but first, click on the image below and watch the short video:

Tactical Dog Collars and Leashes



Beaver News #48 – February 27, 2017

Let’s talk tactical.

It’s snowing AGAIN here in the Lower Mainland, what unusual winter weather for us.

Mark used this opportunity to pull out his winter camouflage suit so he would blend in, especially since the dog is white as well 🙂

Today he is talking about tactical dog collars and leashes.

  • Double 9-10oz Latigo Leather
  • 1-1/2″ wide
  • Molded sewn handle with reinforced copper rivets
  • Double 1-1/2″ D-rings one on either side
  • single roller buckle


The big handle is free floating and doesn’t collapse so you get your hand into it no problem, even if you are wearing gloves. So if you are in a hurry to take control of your dog, you can grab the handle right away.

Watch the video below for more information and to see our cute 11-month-old Bianca.


Living History Equipment and Leather Goods


Beaver News #46 – January 30, 2017

This time Mark talks about a passion of his, Living History re-enactment. Ever since he got introduced to it back in the late seventies, while living in Germany, he is hooked.

Early on he manufactured his own outfits and gear and has built many authentic items over the years including a 1930’s VON nurses bag made off an original for the Burnaby Village Museum.

In today’s video, he shows a big variety of the living history products that we manufacture for re-enactors including:

  • Trotter Knapsack
  • Rawle Pouch
  • British Cartridge Box with or without tin insert
  • Cap Pouches
  • Wood and Leather Canteens
  • Belts of all kinds
  • Cross Belts for bayonets
  • British Military Suspenders
  • Haversacks in canvas and vulcanized rubber
  • Civil war cartridge boxes
  • cap pouches
  • etc etc


To watch it click the image below.

Forget about the Ghosts, beware of the White Spirit Wolf


Beaver News #41 – October 31, 2016

In this week’s Video, we wanted to talk about Archery Supplies, items you dream of that we can make.

It started off really good until Mark realized that it was Halloween… after that we don’t exactly know what happened other than Mark is gone and in his place sat the White Spirit Wolf….  but watch for yourself:

by clicking here or on the image below.

Since you have to do your own leather work until Mark transforms back into human form, check out our How-to Videos: 

Tutorial: How to cut out a corner

Beaver News #40 – October 17, 2016

In this week’s Video, we are talking about how to cut out a corner when doing leather work – not to confuse with How to cut a corner when doing leather work 😉

This tutorial will even be valuable to you if you are not doing leather work yourself but you are (or might be in the future) a customer that wants to buy an item hand made from leather. After watching this video you know what to look for to see if the artist knows his craft and went the extra mile to ensure he produces a beautiful and high-quality item.

If you are doing leather work yourself you might have struggled with this task in the past and have ended up with that unwanted cut that Mark shows at 2:55. Then you probably tried to fix it but ended up messing it up even more. Let Mark show you this simple trick so in the future cutting out a corner will not be any trouble at all.

Watch the video by clicking here or on the image below.

Other How-to Videos :

Back to work after the Summer Break


Beaver News #38 – September 19, 2016

Well after a long unintentional Summer Break we are back with our Beaver News…. did you miss us?

Of course, we also have a new video for you, to start the new season we give you a quick look behind the scenes and show you how hard we work here at Beaver Mountain Works. Enjoy.

Watch the video by clicking here or on the image below.

We have been very busy all summer long with a steady stream of custom leather work. At the end of September, we moved our workshop for 10 days to the Heffley Creek Black Powder Rendezvous. Here two impressions:

2016 Heffley Creek Rendezvous https://beavermountainworks.com You dream it - we make it!

2016 Heffley Creek Rendezvous. As you can see this is a primitive Rendezvous so our Shop and Trading Post were housed in a tent.

2016 Heffley Creek Rendezvous https://beavermountainworks.com You dream it - we make it!

2016 Heffley Creek Rendezvous. Here you see the Shop and Trading Post from the side and a customer busy working on his moccasins

Butt sleeve & Sling with cartridges



Beaver News #35 – May 6, 2016

Mark shows you a butt sleeve/sling combo that has been in big demand here at Beaver Mountain Works.

Both the butt sleeve and the rifle sling have cartridge loops, the length of the sling is easily adjustable and the cartridges readily accessible.

Watch the video by clicking here or on the image below.




Beaver News #33 – March 28, 2016

In this week’s video, you will see, that we are not only manufacturing cowboy action, hunting, fishing and outdoors gear. We can make you anything you want – as we say, you dream it – we make it.

Mark shows you one of our briefcase designs, a nice heavy duty bag that is practical and stylish at the same time. The briefcase you see in the video has the following attributes:

  • approx. overall size 16” x 13” x 3.5″ closed
  • made of high-quality cowhide leather
  • Hand cut, sewn and dyed
  • closure flap lined with suede
  • double gusset, center divider serving as inside pocket
  • two adjustable closure straps embossed, with tuck catch-locks
  • adjustable 1″ wide shoulder strap, lined with suede and
    movable shoulder pad for extra comfort
  • sewn and riveted at stress points
  • heavy duty hardware
  • horse carving

This one was custom made and yours can be too! You can pick and choose from a list of add-ons and inside pockets and/or key lanyards, embossings or carvings and also a variety of different hardware. The basic bag starts at $550.00, add-ons and embossings and carvings are at extra cost.

Watch the video by clicking here or on the image below.

Belts & Buckles


Beaver News #32 – March 14, 2016

You can find all kinds of belts everywhere almost in every store you walk into, and you find all kinds of quality of belts…

Here at Beaver Mountain Works we manufacture belts that are high quality, durable, look good, and do the job you want it to do.

A good quality leather belt can last you a long time even a lifetime. 

In this week’s video Mark shows you all kinds of different belts that he manufactured over the years. You will be surprised to learn how old certain belts are already. He also explains the different types of buckles and explains why we don’t use snaps for certain belts.

Lever Wrap Kit


Beaver News #31 – February 29, 2016

Lever Wrap D.I.Y. Kit

This is for you folks who live too far away to bring your firearm by the shop for us to do it for you. It’s also a more economic way for you to pimp up your Lever Action and a neat D.I.Y. project.

Watch the Instructional Video below and see for yourself how easy it is to put your own personal touch onto your Lever Action. Make sure you also watch our video about Buttstock covers 


Are you looking for a unique knife sheath?


Beaver News #30 – February 15, 2016

A knife sheath, pancake holster style

This particular knife sheath is really Mark’s favourite design for out in the bush or for horseback riding because it is slim-line, it sits flat right up against your body and does not protrude out.

You slide it on your belt like you would a pancake holster, the knife is easy to access, and the sheath can be worn on the left or right side of your body or even in the back.