Signature 3D Cartridge Loops


Beaver News #45 – January 16, 2017

In this week’s Video Mark is talking about the different kinds of cartridge loops, especially about our Signature 3D loops, and how they are manufactured.

He also explains how he builds these loops onto belts, holsters, staging strips etc in a way that they never expand and become too loose for your cartridges to the point that they fall out.

You find these 3D loops on the following products in our Online Shop:

Gun Belt Prospector
Mare’s Leg with Cartridge Loops
Mare’s Leg with Cartridge Loops and Concho/Keeper
Buscadero Rigs
Single Holster Rig Desperado

We hope this video is helpful and gives you some ideas on cartridge loops, the different styles and how they are put together.

To watch it click the image below.

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