Tent repair and Black Powder Rendezvous



Beaver News #47 – February 13, 2017

This week’s Video is short and to the point. Mark is busy getting ready for the Black Powder Rendezvous in Chilliwack and is repairing his Wall Tent. 

Yes, we do repair tents here at Beaver Mountain Works and we also manufacture different historical Tentage, from Awnings to Diamond Shape, to Lean Pees and even Tipis (Tepees, Teepees). 

You dream it we make it! Custom handmade Tipi by BeaverMountainWorks.com

Custom handmade Tipi by   BeaverMountainWorks.com


A few years ago we actually manufactured a Tipi for Marco in Italy and we delivered it ourselves (of course, who wouldn’t want to go to Italy).






To watch it click the image below.