Pimp up your rifle


Beaver News #14 – May 25, 2015

New Video: “Pimp up your rifle”

Buttstock covers are not just for decoration, they also serve a purpose, they offer you comfort for your hands, let you have a better grip of the rifle or shotgun by providing a less slippery surface.

A butt cover is a sleeve that goes on the end of your stock, and we go one step further and make a boot style cover that is enclosed at the butt plate.

Because we custom make them for you and to your specifications, you can also add padding for your cheek, cartridge or shell loops, fringe, you can choose if you want a sling with it or not, a lever cover (short cover) or a forearm sleeve or anything else that tickles your fancy. In this short video Mark introduces you to 3 variations of leather buttstock covers that we made recently.