Mare’s Leg Shoulder Rig for Prospecting


Beaver News #77 – August 28, 2018

This week Mark talks again about the Mare’s Leg Shoulder Rig and he’d like to inspire you to go prospecting, looking for some gold, or just go outdoors in general.

Now, imagine you were out there in the creek prospecting and you needed to move around. If you have your rig on the side of your hips it is in the way, but not with a shoulder rig.

You can do your shoveling, you have the use of your legs without restriction, you can bend down, and you also can open up the tie if you need to.

With a shoulder rig, you can function in the bush and still be ready at all times if that bear, cougar or even Wolverine comes at you.

The Mare’s Leg Shoulder Rig is for every outdoor enthusiast. It is fully adjustable to fit you in all weather conditions, whether you are just wearing a t-shirt, a sweater or if you are wearing a warm winter jacket.

There are also several attachments available, so you can use the holster on your belt or even on your saddle.

Check it all out in this week’s video:

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