Mare’s Leg Shoulder Rig converted into Hanging Saddle Holster

Beaver News #86 - January 28, 2019

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Have you ever wondered how long it takes to convert our Mare's Leg Shoulder Holster into a Hanging Saddle Holster? 

What if you are not only wanting to carry your Mare's Leg on a shoulder rig in the bush but also while you are riding your horse?

For this exact situation, you can buy the saddle attachment from us. This attachment lets you connect your Mare's Leg holster to the horn of your Western Saddle. 

In this video, Mark shows you how quick you can transform the holster from fitting your shoulder harness to hanging off your saddle.

  • Step 1: you detach your holster from the harness by removing the Chicago screws
  • Step 2: you attach your holster to the saddle attachment either with Chicago screws or like Mark shows you in the video, with lace. 

In addition, you might also be interested in the practical quick tip that Mark offers one minute and forty seconds into the video on how to loosen or tighten Chicago screws the easy way. 

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