How to use the hammer tab on your holster

Beaver News #88 - February 25, 2019

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On this week's video, Mark is talking about our hammer tabs. We learned that a few of our clients were a little confused on how to use it when they receive their (Mare's Leg) holster. 

They contact us and ask, "what is the small leather trace that is by the hammer for?"

Hammer Tab on our Mare's Leg Holsters.

Well, this is a hammer tab, and it keeps your firearm in the holster, from moving around a whole lot or from falling out if you trip.

There are two holes in the back and two holes in the front, this gives you the option to have thehammber tab to backside or to the front. 

If you use the holster with the saddle attachment, we suggest you put the hammer tab to the inside (backside), because it will hold the firearm nice and snug when you are riding. 

Where on the other hand, when you are walking through the bush it is a lot nicer to have the hammer tab to the outside. 

The hammer tab is not just on our Mare's Leg holsters but on any holster that we manufacture, like the revolver holsters, the holsters on the Buscadero rigs etc, it always keeps the firearm nice and snug. 

But we also make different styles of hammer tabs, check out this week's video. As always: You dream it - we make it!

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