Fall Update 2020

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Beaver News #105 - September 1, 2020


How was your summer, can you believe it's already September?
The nights have certainly been cooler lately and the leaves of our sumacs are turning red - fall is here.

While we have been closed in August to visit with family now Mark is busy again in the shop. In our Online Store you can order various options of our famous Mare's Leg Holster, the Prospector Gun Belt as well as the Rifle Sling Jaeger, the german hunter sling... and much more.

The turn-around time right now is about 8 weeks (beginning/mid November). If you'd like to order something that you don't find in the online store, call us at 778-994-1580, we're happy to help. Check out our online store here

If you don't want to wait 8 weeks maybe you find something you like in our Outlet store:

There is a lined and form-fitted Mare's Leg Holster at 15% off waiting for a good home, also availabe an extra-large Prospector Gunbelt right-hand for 40% off , a few other belts, dog leashes, dog collars and even a leather briefcase with carving at 20% off.

There is nothing wrong with these products, they are new and the same high quality as all our products, and when they are gone they are gone...

Are you subscribed to our Youtube Channel yet? There are 102 videos for you to enjoy. Check it out and please subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/beavermountainworks

We pay close attention to which of our videos get the most views, here are the top three of all times:

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