COVID-19 Update

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Beaver News #101 - March 19, 2020

Howdy !

How are you doing these crazy and unsettling days? 

Like everyone else we had to work out a way to socially isolate to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while still remaining in business and offering our services. This is our update:

YES, we are still open, BUT...

if you have something to repair, please call or text us first at 778-994-1580, or email us at

To keep the necessary and mandatory distance, we can't let you come into the shop anymore. For the time being, to drop off items for repair, we can meet you outside at the gate and receive the items. 

Our Online Store is also open
you can order various options of our famous Mare's Leg Holster as well as the Prospector Gun Belt and much more. If you'd like to order something that you don't find in the online store, call us at 778-994-1580, we're happy to help. 

The turn-around time right now is 2-3 weeks (as long as postal services are still operating). 

Our Outlet Store is open as well
and still has 'ready to ship' items. These are certain sample products for up to 50% off. There is nothing wrong with these products, they are new and the same high qualtiy as all our products. When they are gone they are gone...

No new video at this time, but there are 101 videos on our channel for you to enjoy. Check it out here or directly on Youtube. Consider subscribing and hitting that bell so you don't miss when we add a new video. 

Happy Trails and stay healthy
Beaver Mountain Works

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