Checkering a Walking Cane and adding a 12 strand round plait



Beaver News #72 – May 7, 2018

This video is again a time lapse where you can watch Mark’s process of pimping out a walking cane.

The client wanted checkering, like on a rifle stock, on the lower part and some braiding on the upper part. 

You can see how Mark had to build a cradle for the cane piece to fit in, and then he had to calculate the measurements for the diamonds that the client wanted.  He then continued on to drawing the lines with a pencil before he could start cutting them out with his checkering tool. 

Parallel to it, he was working on the 12-strand braiding for the upper part of the cane. Normally the braiding is done on a rope and it will twist and turn as the rope goes, but braiding on a solid piece of wood is different. 

Inbetween Mark took the work-in-progress to the client to get his opinion and approval for the next steps. 

Check out the process and see the final product at the end of the video. To watch click on the photo below. 

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