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Beaver News #95 - August 19, 2019

We hope you are enjoying your summer!

No video this time, instead we offer you a rare opportunity to buy a Mare's Leg Holster and/or Prospector Belt at 20% off. 

As you know, we usually don't have items in stock, everything is hand-made after you order. But sometimes people make mistakes when they make an order, they measure wrong for their belt for example.  Mistakes can happen so we make them a new item as long as they return the originally ordered one unused. 

This is how we ended up having these 5 items in stock, a Mare's Leg Holster and 4 Prospector Belts, and we decided to offer them with a 20% discount:

You can see and order all 5 items here on this page at 20% off. (The 20% off is limited to the items on that page, when an item is gone when you get to the page you would have to order a holster or belt at the regular price).