Spend Remembrance Day with this Veteran


Beaver News #42 – November 14, 2016

In this week’s Video, we take you behind the scenes and let you be part of how this veteran spends Remembrance Day 2016.

In previous years Mark was part of the Seymour Battery (Seymour Artillery) and their Salute in Port Moody,

2015 Remembrance Day with https://beavermountainworks.com

2015 Remembrance Day

But this year he went back to the way he prefers to spend this special Day and how he’s honouring his fallen comrades and fellow veterans, the POW’s (Prisoners of Wars) and the MIA’s (Missing in Action).

0:15  How Mark starts the day
1:15  Saddle up
1:25  where Mark is at 11.11 am
2:40  does he have a whole horse or not?
3:30  later in the day, the Salute at the fire
4:20  How Mark ends this special day

Spend the day with Mark by clicking here or on the image below.

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